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What economic situation you face?

With the quick development of electronics commerce, now no matter in China domestic market or oversea market, the real economy is seriously affected.

Different from previous relative concentrated market situation, people can be easier to participate in global market, the current global market is more dispersion.

 no matter for real stores, self employed on-line stores, re-sellers, or e-commerce sellers, we all meet new challenges and difficult. As the market information is more transparent, our consumers have higher demands on quality and prices, also service.

How will you have advantages over competitors?

What key points help your business

You may need to decrese your operating cost by many ways, like, competitive prices from us, more enconomic average shipping cost, lower inventory risk;

You may need durable quality, good warranty from us, to help you get good feedback and build reputation;

You may need quickly updating new products, so help to catch market chances and increase customer viscosity;

You may want to build your brand.....

You may need more?You can share with us, we help you.

What we can do for you?

We provide samll quantity and mixed wholesale to you, to help lower your procurement threshold, decrease your average shipping cost,  increase flexibility to purchase,  reduce inventory pressure, aiming to help you to decrese your cost;

Based on our factory and strong sourcing team, we can gurantee to provide high durable quality products with 1 year warranty to you, what you focus on are also our focus.

we would continue to update new products, to help you find new chances quickly, and keep you attracting your customers.

We provide OEM service for you, can print your logo on products or packages to build your own brand.

Write to us, let us support and witness your becoming stronger.

Featured service from Gogo

With the quick development of cross board electronics commerce, now no matter in China domestic market or oversea market, the real economy is seriously affected. Different from previous relative concentrated market situation, the current global market is more dispersion. People can be easier to participated in global market, many market share is occupied by big B2C, C2C platform, like Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon, Wish etc. For real stores, self employed on-line stores, re-sellers, competitive prices and durable quality come to be the most important factors for them to win the market. Now, brand reputation and good service also become key points to help occupy market everlasting.

Based on this economic background, our company bend ourselves to supply featured service to our customers, offering physical stores and e-commerce re-sellers etc. one-stop purchasing service, small MOQ for OEM and custom logo service. By this way, to get a good effect for our customers to save purchasing time and cost, realizing scale effect, decrease stock risk, lower the threshold for our customers to build brands. At the same time, we will always update new gadgets for our customers, help they to catch new market chance; We support mixed wholesale, help our customers to choose more flexibly, to win better prices and more cost-effective shipping cost on scale.

Our factory mainly produce phone charging cables, MFI lighting cables, Type-c cables, Type-c accessories, micro USB cables, car chargers, backpack batteries, power banks etc; At the same time, we supply Bluetooth earphones, phone cases, phone repair displays, repair kit, etc to our customers based on our abudant source and rich experience in this feild.

We looking forwarder to being your long-term partner, supporting you to became stronger, witness your growth.

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Our Team

Every one in our company is well familiar with our service philosophy, that, our cooperation with our customers will be built on win-win basis, only when our customers get benefits, then can our cooperation be long-term. 

Our salesmen are experienced with professional work skill, all your inquiries will be replied professionally based on their products knowledge, will be replied in 12 hours.

Your orders will be followed up carefully in the whole process, including talking prices, confirm products details, payment, delivery time, shipping way, order tracking, after-sale service etc.  We will always be here whenever you have questions.

Write to us, let our team support you.


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